Mirvac: Greenwood Plaza

March 22, 2018 | Norbit Admin

Greenwood Plaza, located in Sydney, had offered a traditional loyalty card for years. The physical card allowed locals from within a defined geographic area to access retail offers. While adopted well, The Greenwood Plaza Marketing Team had no way of knowing how often the offers were used, and had no customer data other than what was collected when a customer signed up for the Greencard.

Mirvac saw an opportunity to use the Norbit Platform to transform the Greencard from analogue to digital. In doing so, they are capturing who signs up, where they shop, the retail offers they redeem, and the competitions that appeal to them.

Going beyond loyalty, they also use their Greencard app to run competitions and no longer rely on the cost, data entry time, privacy risks, or environmental impact of traditional entry forms.

Partnering with Norbit, they are more connected with customers daily, understand their customers more than ever before (capturing when they visit, for how long, specifically where they shop, and what content and retailers they most engage with). They’re able to better support their retailers and provide clear statistics on campaign successes, and launch tactical campaigns for specific retailers within minutes, alerting shoppers of the campaign directly to their phone.

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