Benefits for your customers

A powerful shopping centre loyalty program app created to engage customers during their entire shopping journey, and to influence them to visit your centre over the competition.

  • Increase foot traffic. Reward customers simply for visiting you
  • Drive Spending. Reward customers for shopping
  • Increase customer engagement. Offer member only content and experiences
  • Increase customer loyalty. Offer a wide range of customer rewards.

Benefits for your retailers

Your retailers will benefit from the increased traffic and dwell time. They can promote their business to a wider customer base than their own customers, increasing their reach.

  • Send store promotions directly to centre customers
  • They receive a dedicated page in the in-app retail directory
  • Record who has redeemed their offers or spent in their stores
  • No staff involvement needed. Customers simply scan the provider retailer QR code
  • Convert your shopping centre loyalty customers to their store’s loyalty program.

Benefits for your shopping centre

Offer a complete shopping centre marketing, engagement and loyalty program, adding more value to your customers and retailers with less cost, development, and hassle. Norbit takes care of the tech so you’re free to market your centre in the smartest way.

  • Collect specific user data: Demographic, biographic, when and where individual customers shop
  • Offer more to customers and retailers. We know both can be hard to please
  • Create a competitive advantage. Beat the competition daily and when attracting new tenants
  • Simple and cost-effective monthly payments that work into your marketing budget
  • Reduce risk. We maintain the system and make sure it works as technology changes.

Get started now, not years
from now. Norbit is fast and simple to launch.

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