Earn so many points, in so many ways. Norbit is built to reward a range of everyday shopping habits.

Points for Visiting

Reward customers simply for visiting you. An effective way to drive foot traffic and keep your stores front of mind.

Points for Sharing

Incentivise conversation of your app and brand activity on social media with points for sharing.

Bonus Points

Offer bonus points during campaign periods, known quiet times or to dovetail onto local events, such as offering double points the day after the hometown team wins the big game.

Points for Feedback

Want to know about a customer's experience? Offer points for providing feedback after a purchase, then collate and share with your stores.

Points for Purchase

Offer points every time a customer spends. You have full control of how many points you'd like to offer.

Points for Milestones

Encourage and enforce shopping and in app behaviours by offering points for reaching milestones, including completing detailed biographical information.


Increase engagement and revenue by rewarding your customers.


Promote your stores retail offers in the app, and track when a customer redeems them. Offer them for free, or use points to unlock exclusive deals.


Offer prizes in exchange for points. From a free coffee to a significant gift voucher, you can set the amount of points needed however you like!

Value Adds

Keep your customers informed about the latest gift with purchase offers, upsizes and more! See who, when and where the offer was redeemed.

Limited Time Offers

Create a frenzy with limited time offers! Set the expiry date, and let the urgency of the deal do the work. When the date ends, the offer is removed from the app.

First in Best Dressed

Offer deals and prizes to a limited number of people. Once they're redeemed, they're gone. A great way to get customers in, quick and reward first-movers.

Track Inventory

Set your inventory for rewards, and let the system manage the inventory for you, making sure your marketing budget never blows out unexpectedly.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do customers earn rewards?

Customers can earn rewards in a number of ways. These include simply visiting the store/centre, referring friends to the program, providing more biographical information about themselves, making purchases, reaching program milestones, providing feedback and sharing their experiences to Facebook.

Points in our system are adaptable and can be set and changed by the admin at anytime. Rather than a points per dollar conversion, points are used for gamification and to reinforce behaviour. For example, customers may receive 10 points per purchase, and then use these points to enter a competition at 10 points per entry, or save up and redeem a prize for 100 points. This approach keeps customers engaged, and removes the financial liability a points per dollar program can create.

Yes. For every deal, prize, competition you can set the points per campaign. For example, a prize with high value can be set to a higher points requirement than a free coffee. Exclusive deals can be set to require points to unlock, while standard promotions are free.

You can even offer bonus points for a specific time period, creating campaigns to leverage local news. For example, offer double points the day following the local team winning the grand final.

Rewards can be whatever you like! From free coffees, buy one get ones, to gift vouchers (or that remaining collateral from a previous campaign). You can customise the artwork, content, inventory and dates available from the simple to use content management system.

Rewards can be collected from individual stores, or from centre management depending on your staffing levels and the value of each prize. The customer uses their earned points to redeem rewards within their points balance. They visit the retailer or centre management, show the reward they’d like to collect, and scan the retailer QR code. This records the transaction and reduces the inventory, providing you with the customer detail, date, time, prize collected and retailer it was collected from.

Our app are built to work with Android and iOS based phones. For optimal performance, it is recommended that the app is used on:

– Android phones with Android version 5.0 or later
– iPhone 5 or later with iOS 8.0 or later

The team that developed Norbit aren’t just software developers. We’re a team of marketers with almost 10 years experience with bricks and mortar retail, shopping centre marketing, ecommerce and loyalty. Our unique approach of completely understanding the customer journey enables us to reward customers for every action, much more than only offering points for purchase. Matched with a team of solid developers, we have developed a program that’s easy to use, and engages and adds value to both customers and retailers.

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