Time Saving Management Tools

Keeping track of customers, retailers and inventory shouldn’t consume your day.
So Norbit takes care of that too.


Customer Manager

All customer information and activity is stored in the content management system. View, track, analyse and use customer information to inform your marketing decisions.

Retailer Manager

Keep all store data in one place. Add key retailer information, track their success and generate their individual QR code with a click of a button. Your retailers are listed as a directory in the app


Schedule in everything you need. Schedule push notifications, deal start and end dates, competition closing dates, and prize collection dates.

Inventory Manager

Who has time to track how many prizes or deals are left? Norbit has inventory management built in, so you can set and forget and see what’s working best for your customers.

Data Export

Want to do more with your data? Download your data with the click of a button. Use the data however you need, whether it be adding to your email database or completing custom analytics.

Simple Content and Program Management

Quickly see when your inventory is running low or your major prize has been won. Suspicious activity monitoring ensures that only the good customers get rewarded.

Success stories

Mirvac: Greenwood Plaza

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the retailers need hardware or POS integration?

No, hardware is not required, nor is permission to access POS systems. Norbit’s software generates a unique QR code for each retailer which can be simply printed and displayed near the Point of Sale of each retailer. One simple QR code and our intelligent platform will record what the customer has completed in the app – capturing the deal, place and time of purchase, or the prize redeemed.

If you would like to integrate with a POS system, please let us know and we can scope this as required.

All user interactions are recorded, and you can access and download all of your data at any time. The insights you receive include:

  • User biographical data
  • When they have visited you
  • The stores they’ve made purchases at in real time
  • The deals and prizes they have redeemed
  • The competitions they’ve entered
  • Active vs passive users
  • Any other report you can think of!

Norbit was built with Marketing Managers in mind. The Content management system is a simple platform that requires no coding knowledge. Everything is a tick and select option, with text fields that you can simply add in any content you’d like. You can schedule start and end dates, add prize/deal inventory so you never give out more than expected, and add competitions, prizes, deals and push notifications within minutes.

Not as much as you might think! Being a SaaS model and knowing the restraints and downward pressure marketing funds face, we’ve made Norbit very accessible. With a once off setup fee and simple monthly licence fee, our clients range from neighbourhood shopping centres with 20 retailers through to regional centres with over 200 retailers, and three day events. For specific pricing information, please get in touch.

Yes! Brands who are using Norbit as their app solution are experiencing high active user percentages (averaging 65%), and acquiring new customers every day. Customers are providing feedback about the positive experience, with stories of customers contacting the centre to thank them for the value it provides, and confirming the app makes them visit more often.

As an example, most centres have over 3500 members download the app within the first 6-12 months, and even more with a good marketing strategy to promote the app.

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