Say goodbye to email spam filters, and send push notifications directly to your customers.

Send to all

Send a push notification to all your users. Perfect for general information, promotions, or in times when an important message needs to be sent.

Send to a chosen segment

Segment your users with a range of options. Tailor push notifications to personalise your communication and send messages with more meaning.

Send based on geolocation

Set a geo fence around your location, and trigger messages when customers are in proximity. Entice them in when they're nearby.

Send based on proximity

Use bluetooth beacons for indoor contextual messaging. Have you got some great food deals? Set a push to send to customers near the foodcourt.


Target your audiences

Send messages that matter with a range of customer segmentation tools.

Biographical Segmentation

Create customer segments based on gender, age, location, suburb in any combination you need.

Behavioural Segmentation

Segment based on frequented stores, retailer category, interactions with content, and active, passive and lapsed users.


Schedule your communication

We know how busy your day can get, and how responsive you need to be. Norbit’s messaging is built for both situations.

Immediate Send

Send a message instantly to all users. Perfect to create urgency for spot sales and limited time deals.

Scheduled Delivery

Schedule upcoming deals, offers, competitions, trading hour information and anything else you'd like to announce.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many push notifications can I send?

You can send as many push notifications as you like. There’s no limit or additional costs for push notifications. As with all communications, it’s about finding the balance of how many times you want to reach your customers, and ensuring each message has value for your customers. However many you choose to send, it won’t impact your monthly cost.

Norbit allows you to leverage both geolocation targeting, and close range proximity marketing, using GPS and bluetooth beacons.

You can setup push notifications to automatically send to your customers when they cross a geofence or pass by a beacon. Both of these can be setup easily in the CMS.

For example, set up a geofence around your shopping centre and each time a customer enters they’ll receive a welcome message and anything else you’d like to tell them (you can even reward them with points for visiting). Once inside, bluetooth beacons can deliver messages in the right context, and are great for indoor targeted advertising. For example, when customers are near the food court you can alert them of the great lunch time offers your retailers have available using beacon messaging.

Messages that are sent to customers who have turned off notifications will still make it to them. While a push notification won’t be seen, your customer will still see the message appear in their in-app messages section.

The app also gives users control of when they receive push notifications, with the options of always, only when nearby, or not at all.

No, beacons and/or geolocation enhances the communication but the app will work even if you choose not to use these features, or if your customers have bluetooth/locations services turned off. All notifications will pass through to your customers in-app messages, and all other app features work independently from bluetooth/location features.

For the best proximity marketing experience, we have built in redundancies, so your messages and rewards will always get to your customers.

Beacons cost approximately $40-$60 each, and installing them is simple using adhesive strips (provided with the beacons). Norbit currently supports Estimote proximity beacons and Kontakt proximity beacons, and we can integrate with others.

Beacons will last between 1-5 years depending on their use and type, and are easily installed without any requirement for hardwiring to power or internet, and can simply be stuck to the walls or ceiling.

The CMS has in built geofencing, you simply highlight the area(s) you’d like to target. Geofencing is all inclusive in the monthly fee.

Our app are built to work with Android and iOS based phones. For optimal performance, it is recommended that the app is used on:

– Android phones with Android version 5.0 or later
– iPhone 5 or later with iOS 8.0 or later

The team that developed Norbit aren’t just software developers. We’re a team of marketers with almost 10 years experience with bricks and mortar retail, shopping centre marketing, ecommerce and loyalty. Our unique approach of completely understanding the customer journey enables us to reward customers for every action, much more than only offering points for purchase. Matched with a team of solid developers, we have developed a program that’s easy to use, and engages and adds value to both customers and retailers.

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