Reward your customers with points, deals and prizes, creating value for them to keep coming back.

Points for Visiting

Reward customers simply for visiting you. An effective way to drive foot traffic and keep your stores front of mind.

Limited Time Offers

Create a frenzy with limited time offers! Set the expiry date, and let the urgency of the deal do the work. When the date ends, the offer is removed from the app.

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Connect with your customers. Reach them whenever you need to, wherever they are.


Say goodbye to spam filters, and send push notifications directly to your customers.

Schedule your communication

We know how busy your day can get, and how responsive you need to be. Norbit’s messaging is built for both situations.

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How well do you really know your customers? Norbit helps you learn more.

Performance Tracking

Track KPIs and goals. See how you’re performing at a program level, per campaign, monitor customer engagement, retailer participation and budgets.

Intelligent Insights

Data is useless if it relies on complex analysis. Simple reports make using data as simple as possible.

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Engage customers with competitions, incentivise feedback and entertain them to support your goals.

Scratch & Win

Setup Scratch and Win campaigns in minutes, and let customers play in seconds. They simply scan, scratch and see if they’ve won.

Enter to Win Draws

Offer the chance to win with a simple prize draw. Control the entry mechanics and select the frequency of how and when customers can enter.

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Control your content. Everything you need in a simple dashboard can be accessed in seconds.

Time Saving Management Tools

Keeping track of customers, retailers and inventory shouldn’t consume your day. So Norbit takes care of that too.

Simple Content and Program Management

Quickly see when your inventory is running low or your major prize has been won. Suspicious activity monitoring ensures that only the good customers get rewarded.

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