QIC Successfully Launches Logan Hyperdome With Norbit

December 7, 2021 | Norbit Admin

Hyperdome has a passion for understanding their local customers and supporting their retailers. Norbit was chosen as their digital engagement tool to empower the team to obtain strong data and implement tailored marketing.

Hyperdome recently underwent a successful launch campaign with Norbit from the 25th October ‘21 to 7th November ‘21. The campaign required customers to spend over $75 in-centre to redeem a $20 Hyperdome gift card and the chance to win one of five daily major prizes. 

Shoppers were required to complete their Hyperdome App profile in order to participate in the competition, acquiring valuable biographic and demographic data in the platform. They would then complete the in-app form by answering where they shopped and how much they spent in order to capture spend data. 

This resulted in thousands of new users on the app by the end of the campaign and an 80.94% profile completion rate. Hyperdome will now be able to effectively personalise and target their customers with campaigns, promotions and offers that they are interested in. Their shopper behaviour combined with their profile data enables management to gain insights otherwise difficult and costly to acquire, and provides a basis for future business decision-making. 

To see the app, search for “Hyperdome Shopping Rewards” in the app stores. 

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