Canberra Airport Business Parks use Norbit to power their app

June 15, 2021 | Norbit Admin

Canberra Airport Business Park, located in the Canberra Airport Precinct services the local business parks at Brindabella, Majura and Fairbairn. The Canberra Airport Precinct provides customers and businesses with a wide variety of meeting facilities across multiple business parks, dining and retail areas and recreational areas. 

As the return to work is underway in Canberra, the business parks are re-entering the business world and retailers and customers would like to benefit from this. Canberra Airport Business Parks goals were to: 

  • Support Local Retailers 
  • Attract new retailers 
  • Increase/Improve engagement with workers

Norbit’s rewards platform allowed the Canberra Airport Business Parks to attract workers back to the office, through app exclusive deals, rewards and competitions. It also increased engagement with companies with offices based at the business park, supported the local retailers during a challenging time and enticed and attracted new retailers to participate in rewards to bring new customers and increase centre foot traffic. 

Canberra Airport offers customers and retailers a rewards app, bringing tenants exclusive deals, prizes and competitions. A variety of recent competitions, including an annual parking pass for business park workers, free game tickets, a 6 month gym membership and a day of free conference room rental with catering.


  • Over 700 app users 
  • 265 entries into the 12 days of Christmas Competition
  • 100 new users gained during the Christmas Competition  
  • 90+ participating retailers

The Canberra Airport Rewards program provides users with unique rewards and competitions. The app offers both customers and retailers an easy platform to support local businesses and encourage customers to shop there.

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