Merrifield City launches new centre with a branded Norbit-powered app

April 29, 2021 | Norbit Admin

Merrifield City is a retail-led town centre for Victoria’s largest mixed-use master planned community, Merrifield. To increase engagement, visitation, and loyalty to the centre the Merrifield City team has launched an ongoing rewards platform using Norbit’s app solution.

For the launch, a $5 centre gift card was offered to the first 250 customers to download the app and join the rewards program, with over 500 downloads during the launch weekend and numbers continue to grow.

Retailers are promoted in the app via giveaways and digital coupons which can be tracked in real-time. Customers have the option to reserve an offer encouraging them to visit the centre to collect and target their ideal audience using Norbit’s segmentation feature. This enables the centre to target customers based on a wide range of demographic and behavioural data, ensuring content is relevant and personalised.

Want to see the app for yourself? Download it by searching “Merrifield City” in the app stores.

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