Fort Street launch Norbit at Toormina Gardens and Windsor Riverview

December 7, 2020 | Norbit Admin

Working alongside the Re-Solve Retail Solutions team, Fort Street Retail has started the rollout of a loyalty and engagement program, using Norbit Software as the chosen software platform.

Retailers have been engaged with through Alyson and the team at Re-Solve, and the program is providing them further support while bouncing back from COVID-19 reductions in trade, while collecting valuable data about the centres’ customers and shopping habits.

Both centres have recently launched Augmented Reality Christmas campaigns as a way to engage their communities and bring Christmas joy in a safe, self-guided, socially distanced manner. Customers visit the centre, and follow the clues in their centre apps to find each of the 8 locations. Once all have been found, they are awarded a prize.

While in the app, they also see a selection of retail offers for redemption and other seasonal, tactical campaigns to encourage repeat visitation and further spend at the centres.

To see the apps, search for “Toormina Gardens” and “Windsor Riverview” in the app stores.

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