Mirvac launches 2 new centres, with another to come.

July 5, 2019 | Norbit Admin

With the success St Marys Village loyalty program, powered by Norbit Software, Mirvac has launched rewards programs at 2 more of their retail assets, Stanhope Village and MetCentre.

The launch of both MetRewards and Stanhope Village VIPs has been very well received by retailers, and the feedback and sign up from customers has been strong, exceeding the expectations for all.

With the platform now established, the marketing and centre management are able to promote their centre to customers directly to their smartphone, and thanks to our platform’s requirement to seek clear consent from customers to market to them, the adoption and redemption rates are high.

About Norbit Software

Norbit’s platform is designed to provide value for shopping centres, precincts and brands with multiple retailers, and provide incentives and value to the customers. This value exchange allows for the open exchange of information and allows valuable insights about shopper behaviour to be captured.

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