Norbit expands to South Africa and Asia

December 17, 2018 | Norbit Admin

It’s been a busy month for Norbit, with 6 app deployments in November, and extending into two new international markets.

Table Bay Mall in Cape Town, South Africa, is the first South African Mall to leverage the power of an Augmented Reality App to attract, entertain and engage customers. As a result, they have received strong press coverage in local news, online, and radio, and a strong social interaction to their Facebook page.

Social Interactions – click here to see the high degree of sharable content

Local Press – Table View Info online

Cape Town Radio – Click here for audio coverage about the app

Acienda Designer Outlet in Tagaytay, Philippines is the first mall in the Philippines to offer their customers an app based loyalty program. They have experienced a strong uptake of their offer, and have also released a Christmas Augmented Reality campaign designed to move customers around the newly launched discount retail mall.


The expansion into both markets is exciting for Norbit, showing the platform’s ability to deliver in malls across the globe, and to deploy with speed and agility – both apps were deployed within 5 weeks of engagement and have had an immediate impact in collecting valuable customer data and empowering malls to better understand their customers.

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