Ipswich Riverlink Launches Rewards App

December 12, 2018 | Norbit Admin

Ipswich Riverlink Shopping Centre, owned by LEDA Holdings, has launched it’s rewards program using Norbit’s SaaS solution.

Riverlink is a 57,000 sqm shopping mall, with over 160 retailers. The team wanted a solution that would harness loyalty to the centre, increase spending, and gain insights into their shoppers behaviours, and chose Norbit as the provider to do so.

In just a few weeks since launch, they have a highly engaged retailer based, with over 90% of retailer participation, and have seen a high volume of downloads and active use of the program, driven by the highly popular digital scratch and win functionality that Norbit Software offers. In a few short weeks, they’ve recorded over 7000 customer purchase activities and are beginning to build a better view of customer shopping habits.




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