Norbit launches with QIC

November 28, 2018 | Norbit Admin

Norbit is happy to announce the deployment of it’s customer engagement and loyalty solution with QIC, with both Hinkler Central and Forest Lake Shopping Centre offering Norbit-powered apps to their customers.

The apps offer customers a reason to return, by incentivising them and rewarding them with points for visiting the centre, making purchases at the centre’s retail stores, and accessing exclusive prizes, deals and competitions.

The launches have been extremely well received by retailers in both shopping centres, as it provides an opportunity to promote and engage with customers on their most-used device. With customers opting in, and providing their explicit consent to receive marketing and news from the centre and their retailers, it delivers a highly engaged and receptive audience to advertise to.

For the centres, they have both seen hundreds of registered users on the first day of launch, and are beginning to collect data not previously available – who their individual customers are, how often they visit, how long they stay, and most importantly, at which retailers they spend their money at.


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