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The white label customer loyalty app rewarding customers and wowing retailers.

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Loyal customers, happy retailers,
enhanced customer experiences.



  • Receive points and prizes for purchases, entering the store, and providing feedback.
  • Get deals and discounts sent to your phone.
  • Enter fun and exclusive competitions, including instant wins.



  • Encourage repeat business by rewarding loyalty. Send comms directly to your customers.
  • Increase your reach by offering deals and incentives to a wider shopping audience.
  • Alter offers to customers when they are nearby your store.


Marketing Managers

  • Keep customers and retailers engaged and happy.
  • Get insights into customer behaviours and centre performance.
  • Support, transform or replace traditional competitions with app based tactics.

Earn points with a point of your camera.

Earn so many points, in so many ways.
Norbit is built to reward a range of everyday shopping habits.

Spend, Scan and Earn

Shop and scan a QR code unique to the retailer to earn points for purchase.

Points for Visiting

Reward customers just for visiting your store that day, when they pass an entry Beacon.

Rewards for participation

Earn points for feedback on your experience, Facebook shares, or getting others to join.

Reach customers whenever you need to, wherever they are.

  • When they are in a specific GPS range
  • When they are near a specific beacon in centre
  • Wherever they are, with a push notification to the device
  • Customers can manage how often they hear from you

Clever competitions where everyone wins.
Engage customers. Drive your revenue. Gain consumer insights.


Scratch Cards

Scan and earn to receive a scratch card with a chance at an instant win prize


Spend in store

Spend the required amount in centre during the campaign to unlock a chance to win


Tell us why

Get customers to answer a question in X words or less for their chance to win


Points to Play

Create competitions where the customer must spend some of their points to enter


Treasure Hunt

A fun and interactive game, rewarding customers for finding Beacon treasure or Easter Eggs

Increase engagement and revenue by rewarding your customers.

Deals and Discounts

Use deals and discounts to drive foot traffic to your stores. Empower your stores to reach customers with contextual offers.

Prizes and Rewards

Use prizes to maintain customer engagement and incentivise return traffic.
Offer rewards to drive repeat spending and encourage shopping habits.

See who your customers are.
Measure what they do.

Norbit gives retailers and retail marketers incredibly precise intel on shopper habits - What they do, where they go and what keeps them coming back.

Fully brandable.

Make it your own

Norbit is a white label loyalty platform perfect for shopping centres, franchises, co-ops and brands. You choose the name of your app and our designers will personalise the look and feel to suit your brand.

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Features that will change your world.

Customer insights

Customer insights

Find out who's shopping, when, where and how often

Customer insights

Marketing platform

Promote nearby deals via Bluetooth

Customer insights

Retailer support

Get people in the door at your stores

Customer insights

Interactive tactics

Offer comps based on points or past purchases

Customer insights

Reasons to return

Why would your customers go anywhere else?

Customer insights

Measurable results

Review your Net Promoter Score universe of customer detractors, passives and promoters

Integrated Augmented Reality.


Norbit has built in Augmented Reality capabilities so you can delight and surprise your customers. Make objects and characters appear before their eyes, and incentives increased dwell time and spending with linked offers and prizes for completion.

AR Campaigns can be customised for your business, engaging customers and
increasing your social reach with interactive, fun, shareable content.

See Channel 7 News coverage here.

The industry is taking notice of Norbit.


Capalaba Park's Park Points program has been recognised for it's innovative approach to customer engagement and loyalty, most recently winning the Excellence in Marketing Award at The Property Council of Australia (Qld) Awards 2017 and the 2017 Digital Initiative at the Shopping Centre Council of Australia Awards for their interactive Augmented Reality Easter Egg Hunt.

Our customers.


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